I am happy to present the profile of our college on our website.  The college is established with the aim to spread the knowledge unto the last.

Law and its profession have acquired an important place in the modern era of globalization.  It is stated that the Law is an instrument of synthesis essay structure social change.  The function of modern society is becoming increasingly complex.  The global scenario is changing at a brisk pace and in this scenario, legal education will serve as the guiding light enabling us to clarify our thoughts and vision. Law is a means to achieve the goals of Justice, Liberty and Rule of Law.

Legal education is the education of individuals who intend to become legal professionals or those who intend to use their law degree for some other purposes related to law such as academic, politics, business and employment.

The legal education is not only for equipping the skills of advocacy but also provides more employment opportunities in various government, semi-government, corporate, co-operative and private sectors.

A visionless legal education may adversely affect these ideals.  The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.  The legal education should be able to meet the ever growing demands of society and equipped to cater to the complexities of the different situations.

A planned scheme of legal education is to teach about the contextual nature of theory and practice.  To meet these challenges of developing legal order, our Law College has adopted innovative teaching methods with added emphasis on Moot-Court, legal aid camps regular court visits etc.

In addition to class-room teaching, we lay great emphasis on practical oriented methods like clinical-legal education, to impart a value based legal education.  We aim at imparting quality based socially relevant professionally desired community responsive legal education.

With the vision of our present Chairman Dr. Sanjay Malpani, the college has striven for academic excellence and has also established firm linkages with the society around.

We have a glorious past to cherish.  I invite you to become a part of this exciting learning experience at S. P. Sanstha’s Shri Omkarnath Malpani Law College and join us in march on the path of Justice, Liberty and Rule of Law.

We look forward to higher level of achievements for the students and for the college.

I look forward to meeting you at S. P. Sanstha’s Shri Omkarnath Malpani Law College.